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Making international trade more efficient

The international trade landscape is growing, while better technology makes the world a much smaller place. As businesses look to grow their market share, by expanding into new markets and becoming more international, a strategic approach is required, to help businesses trade safely, smartly and successfully.

HSBC’s Trade Academy aims to share the insight and knowledge of our trade experts, to help your business trade effectively abroad.

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Introduction to international trade

In the first of our Trade Academy Webinars, we provide an introduction to the world of international trade.

This video examines the current global trade landscape and the opportunities available to businesses, as well as the basics of international trade and the various payment methods businesses can use when trading abroad. It also addresses the advantages and disadvantages of advance payment, open account, letters of credit and more.

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A guide to incoterms

In the second session of our Trade Academy Webinars we will be taking an in-depth look at international commercial terms (incoterms).

This video will explore the various incoterms that are defined by the International Chamber of Commerce to govern international trade. We’ll explore their meaning, the advantages and risks of each, and which are most beneficial for both suppliers and buyers.

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A guide to import finance

The third in our series of Trade Academy Webinars, this session takes an in-depth look at imports and the imports finance options available to support your international trade requirements.

In this video our team goes into more detail about the various methods of payments available, including import documentary credits. Transferable, irrevocable and back-to-back documentary credits (DCs) are explained, and the benefits of each examined.

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A guide to export finance

In the fourth session of our Trade Academy Series, we will be focusing on exports and export finance.

Building on the insights shared in our first webinar in the series, Introduction to international trade, we will be expanding on several types of finance, including export documentary credits. We will also explain the various articles covered by the International Chamber of Commerce's latest version of the Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credits (UCP600).

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A guide to Guarantees and Standby Documentary Credits

In the fifth session of our Trade Academy Webinar Series, we will be focusing on Guarantees and Standby Documentary Credits. Building on the foundations learnt in our first session, we will be looking closer at these two financial instruments and the ICC rules governing them, such as URDG 758 and ISP98

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Introducing the HSBC Trade Tracker and New UI

This session be focusing on the trade finance functionality within our own online banking platform, HSBCnet.

We will show you how you can use our online platform to access your trade facility utilisation and the details of your import and export trade transactions, such as documentary credits (DCs), Trade Loans, DC advices, export bills, guarantees, standby DCs, shipping guarantees, air waybills and delivery orders.

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Introducing a guide to our online platforms for Trade and Receivables finance

This session will be focusing on the trade finance functionality within our own online banking platform, HSBCnet as well as a look at our recently updated online platform for receivables finance.

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Introducing the new Supply Chain Finance platform

This session will show you live the trade finance functionality within our own online banking platform, HSBCnet as well as a look at our newly launched cloud-based platform for Supply Chain Finance.

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